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From initial concepts to the finished construction, U-Studios incorporated offers years of combined architectural and art experience in commercial, residential, hospitality, and entertainment projects for local, national, and international clients. Plus, through our award-winning expertise and certification in LEED technologies and architecture, we design green buildings with energy efficiency and sustainability to handle your environmental concerns and reduce energy consumption.
Work and learning consume a majority of our waking hours in a modern world. The environments where we work, play, and live needs to enhance these important activities in our lives. Comfortable, clean, bright and healthy places foster happier and more productive workers and students. U-Studios incorporated designs modern, efficient, and environmentally responsible buildings that allow your occupants to excel and business to flourish.

We combine the functional and emotional needs of your building and environment to create architecture that works and plays.

The services that we provide include:
Charette and Pre-Design
Architectural Design – Schematic, Design Development, Construction Documents
Structural Engineering
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering Coordination
Interior Design
Model Making
Architectural Illustration
Project Management
Construction Management



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