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U-Studios Incorporated’s creative endeavors touch the senses and evoke emotions with a wide variety of artistic offerings and products. Art subtly complements its surroundings with forms, shapes and color. It also strongly impacts the setting through its size, meaning and originality. Art production and art direction is the imaginative creation and execution of two and three-dimensional art incorporated within a particular environment or in association with marketing, branding, experiential arts, exhibits, interior and exterior design. Through art, U-Studios Incorporated reinforces your brand and style as well as enhances and beautifies your environment. Properly placed, art provides amplitude to the experience of your guests and visitors.

Slow red runner 2Produced within or directed by U-Studios Incorporated, we provide specifically executed artwork to fulfill the needs of the project and client. The selection of art enhancements is determined through the artists’ creative background and through an exchange of ideas and objectives communicated between parties. Due to the infinite possibilities, we offer guidance, conceptual studies, refined considerations and a wealth of expertise in artistic opportunities impacting the each environment.

The results are an imaginative environment that exceeds your expectations.

Fine Art, 2-D & 3-D
Experiential Art
Exhibit Design
Graphic Design & Branding
Visual Media Coordination
Landscape Architecture
Furniture Design

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