It has been a few weeks since my last update on the Marcelle. Things are moving along.  There have been a few slow-downs, but nothing catastrophic, just the usual construction schedule issues.

The contractor has pretty much all of the drywall on the walls and is taping and sanding.  The lobby is really starting to look like it will when finished.  The floating cloud is really quite visually strong. The structure above has received a preliminary coat of dark paint and that really makes it disappear and makes the cloud POP!

A couple of shots looking into the theater entrance hall...

And looking to the the area behind the bar...

The inside of the theater space has been painted with its first coat of black paint and they are currently putting in the wood floor.  The pipe grid is installed and the dimmer bars mounted to the pipes.  As soon as they finish the floor and the electrician gets the wiring all connected, we will get in there and install the control wiring for the dimmers, LED lights, and house lights.  Then we can get the house lights mounted and begin using them. :)

The restrooms and green room are also currently being taped and sanded.  After the drywall finishing is complete, there is some tile work to do and then it will be time for the plumber to set the fixtures.

The dance rehearsal hall is base painted white, the electrician is roughing in the last of the electric to the service panel, and the exit door is being cut into the outside wall.

The other rooms are essentially ready for paint and carpet. It is really starting to get exciting!!!