This week has been a challenge.  After a long but productive weekend last weekend, I was unable to work at all this week.  A battle with the common cold curtailed my activities in the scenic shop.  So, today I got back at it.

IMG_0294Last weekend I detailed the bar and built the top half of the back bar.  This is the last major component of the set to be tackled.  Today, Melanie has to work at her real job and Kate is out of town for a couple of days with family.  So, I jumped into the shop alone to attack the bottom half of the back bar.  It is really just a big box made of 2×2 lumber and covered in luan plywood and I had little trouble dealing with it alone.  After making the box (8-feet long, 3-feet high and 1-foot deep), I applied some 1×4 trim to the fact of it to make it look like doors.  A 2×2 around the top edge, taped in, makes a counter top.

IMG_0291   IMG_0292

The front bar is really the same construction technique, jus a little bigger and more unwieldily. On the front of it, in addition to some 1×4 trim to make panels, I added two 8-inch wide pilasters to mimic the pilasters on the back bar that the lamps will sit on.










Melanie finished with work and texted about the same time as I heard from Kathleen that she and Winnie were on their way in paint clothes to help.  So, while the ladies put a lovely shade of brown over all bar pieces, I assembled the pendant lights, made 3 railings for the show at Thomas Jefferson and then cleaned up the shop.


IMG_0300 (1)IMG_0298IMG_0299


Next task is to make a second table to match the one that I made a year ago for Three Penny Opera.  Once those and the ceiling beams are painted, we are ready to load in…T-minus 7 days and counting!!!!